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Spherometers, Ronchi Testers, led light bar

Telescope Making Parts and Kits
Complete Telescope Kits, Dobsonian Side Bearings

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KiddieTelescope4.5Painted (9K)
KiddieTelescope4.5Stained (8K)

Complete Telescope Kits

  • 4.5" F8 Meade Primary mirror & Mirror Cell.
    (also avaiable with 6" or 8" Complete Mirror Kits)
  • Secondary Mirror.
  • Secondary Mirror Holder, made from the Secondary Mirror Holder Kit by Mirror Kits.com.
  • 1.25" Helical Crayford Focuser.
    (2" Rack and Pinion focuser on 6" & 8" kits)
  • 26mm Meade or GTO Plossl Eyepiece.
  • Orion EZ Finder II finder scope.
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware.
  • Pre-Cut Baltic Birch Plywood parts for:
    • Upper Tube Assembly
    • Mirror Box
    • Rocker Box
    • Ground Board and Feet.

    Style Options:
  • truss tube design with wooden truss tube poles.
  • and Counter Weights for proper balance (4.5" scope only).
  • Durable Sonotube design with wood end rings.

The price for the unassembled and unpainted complet kit: $300.00
Options available for these scopes, include Assembly, Painting, and shrouds.

Please contact us for additional information about our Complete Telescope Kits and options.

Also Available in 6" F8 ($400) and 8" F6 ($500) kits that include Complete Mirror Kits and diamond curve generation as shown below for a scope you make yourself including the primary mirror.
4.CompleteMirrorKit (9K)

3/4" and 1" Plate Glass Complete Mirror Kits.

Please see our for all Mirror Kit pricing.

3/4" and 1" ThickMirror Blanks.

Please see our Store Front for all Mirror Blank pricing.

Generation (12K)

Diamond Curve Generation For Mirror Kits and Blanks.

Please see our Store Front for all Diamond Generation pricing.

I can diamond generate a starting curve onto your mirror blank.� This can save you hours of rough grinding.� Please specify a desired curve between� F4.0 and F12.0, or longer.� I will get the curve as close as possible, quite often I can get the curve right on, but will�be no more than F0.5 off of your desired curve.� I use the total Sagita to calculate the generated curve, and try to stop the generation process a few thousandths of an inch short of your target to maintain the thickest possible mirror blank.�If Generation is not ordered, your mirror blank will arrive flat, you may want to order extra 80 grit for hogging by hand.

shipping weight 2 - 5 pounds depending on options.

NOW AVAILABLE - Prices range between $75 and $200 depending on the indicator used, and includes a zeroing flat, very soon it will include a spiral bound instruction manual and measurement chart.�

A spherometer is used to test the surface of the mirror during grinding and measure the radius of curvature.� See my for more information.

If you already have a good .0001" or .001mm dial indicator like the one pictured to the left, I can make a custom spherometer base to mount your indicator to.

Ronchi Tester for mounting to camera

Custom Model with 100 lpi grid - $60.00
Custom Model with 133 lpi grid - $60.00

The custom ronchi christian singles tester is built specifically to your digital, film, or video camera.� Your camera mounts to the tester where it can take a picture of the mirror being tested.� The tester then mounts to a camera tripod for positioning.� This tester works best with digital, video, or SLR cameras as you need to be able to view what the camera can see to position the tester properly

The measurements needed to build this kind of ronchi tester are as follows:

On the bottom of the camera, there should be a 1/4-20 tripod mount.

1. I need the distance from the center of this hole to the very front of the camera. This should be measured in the front to back direction on the camera.

2. I need the distance from the center of this hole to the left side of the camera as viewed when holding the camera to take a picture.

3. I need the distance from the center of this hole cycling holidays morzine to the center line of the lens. This should be measured in the left to right direction, and I need to know if the lens is to the left or right of this hole as viewed when holding the camera to take a picture. On some cameras, this hole is directly in line with the lens, and does not have any left / right offset

4. On some cameras, the lens protrudes. I need to know if it protrudes, and the outside diameter of the largest part of the lens. Some zoom cameras will have the lens move in / out when zooming, so I need the distance when the lens is at it's maximum protrusion.

5. Place the camera onto a flat surface. Measure from the flat surface to the exact center of the camera lens.

Ronchi Tester for Visual Use

Basic Model�with 100 lpi grid - $40.00
Basic Model with 133 lpi grid - $40.00

The basic model is similar to the tester above, but is not custom fitted to your camera specifications.� This tester mounts to a camera tripod for positioning and has a 1" diameter viewing portal to view the mirror being tested.

kit_80_120_220 (9K)

80, 120 and 220 Grit Silicon Carbide

80 grit - $3.38 Per Pound
80 grit - $15.00 for 5 Pounds

120 grit - $4.53 Per Pound
120 grit - $19.50 for 5 Pounds

220 grit - $4.68 Per Pound
220 grit - $20.00 for 5 Pounds

80 grit Silicon Carbide is used for rough grinding a starting curve into the glass blank.� If you are working with a diamond generated mirror blank, you use 80 grit to smooth out the surface and quickly match the surfaces between the mirror blank and tile tool.

120 and 220 grit Silicon Carbide are the second and third grits used for rough grinding. Use these grits to bring your mirror to a smoother and more consistant surface, and prepare it for the micron abrasives.

I transfer these Silicon Carbide grits to a shaker top container and then sprinkle the abrasive onto a wet mirror blank.� Typically I use less than�1 ounce of each grit on an 8" mirror blank, and less than 4 ounces of these grits on a diamond generated 16" mirror blank.

MicroGrit WCA Lapping Compound

30 Micron - $.38 Per Ounce
15 Micron - $.43 Per ounce
9 Micron - $.45 Per Ounce

This precision optical compound is used to smooth the surface of the mirror prior to polishing.� MicroGrit WCA has a talc mixed in the compound and is designed to be suspended in water.� Mix 1 tablespoon of compound in 10 ounces of water.� 2 ounces of compound is enough to mix with 40 ounces of water, and is enough to do 10 mirrors or more.� I typicaly only use about 2 - 3 ounces of this mixture to smooth one 8" mirror.

Cerex 1670 polishing compound

Cerex 1670 polishing compound - $1.40 Per Ounce

This polishing compound quickly polishes out the mirror.� When mixed 1 tablespoon in 10 ounces of water, a good pitch tool, and proper techniques, an 8" mirror can be Ronchi tested�with only 1 hour of polishing, and can be polished out and figured in 4 or 5 hours.� When mixed 2 tablespoons in 10 ounces of water, polishing goes much slower, reducing the chance of causing surface ripple, and works well while figuring.� 2 ounces of Cerex 1670 should be enough to polish out two or three 8" mirrors, although technique and individual results vary, some may run out of 2 ounces of polishing compound on an 8" mirror.

�Image comming soon

Premium Zirconium Oxide Polishing Slurry

2 ounce�container�- $5.50
Each additional 2 ounce container�- $5.00

This Premium Zirconium Oxide Polishing Slurry contains a very fine polishing compound suspended in a water based slurry.� This compound is very thick and can be thinned out to make around 10 ounces of liquid polishing compound.

This polishing slurry is used during final figuring to provide a very nice smooth ripple free surface, and to slowly approach that perfect figure.� It is recommended to use the Cerium Oxide for polishing out the mirror and initial figuring, then use this slurry for final figuring only as this slurry polishes very slowly.


Gugolz 64 Polishing Pitch

Gugolz 64 Polishing Pitch�- $1.33 Per Ounce
Gugolz 64 Polishing Pitch�- $6.00 for 5 Ounces
Gugolz 64 Polishing Pitch�- $10.00 for 10 Ounces

Polishing pitch is used to create a pitch polishing tool.� I typically use 8 ounces of pitch on�an 8" tool, but have included an extra 2 ounces to account for the pitch coating the inside of the can when remelting and pouring the pitch onto the HydroStone backer plate.� 10 ounces of pitch will create a nice thick polishing tool.� I have one pitch tool made with 8 ounces of pitch that has successfully polished out and / or figured 5 different mirrors with focal lengths between F4 and F8.� I simply warm the pitch tool in a sink of hot water, then regroove and repress the tool to the curve of the next mirror.

Note - Container shown in picture is ~35 ounces of pitch.�



HydroStone - $2.00 Per pound
HydroStone - $8.00 for 5 pounds
HydroStone - $15.00 for 10 pounds

HydroStone is used when creating the tile tool and backer plate for the pitch polishing tool.� Mix one part water with three parts HydroStone powder, adding the powder to the water untill the proper consistency is achieved.� 3 pounds of HydroStone mixed into 10 - 12 ounces of water is enough to make one tile tool, or backer plate with some powder left over.� The finished tool will be about 1" jcpenney coupons thick depending on how you mix the compound

� 1" square ceramic tiles

16 tiles for a 4" tool - $1.00
36 tiles for a 6" tool - $2.50
64 tiles for an 8"�tool - $4.00
100 tiles for a 10"�tool - $6.50
144 tiles for a 12"�tool - $10.00
196 tiles for a 14" tool - $13.50
256 tiles for a 16" tool - $17.50
324 tiles for a 18" tool - $22.00
400 tiles for a 20" tool - $27.00
484 tiles for a 22" tool - $33.50
576 tiles for a 24" tool - $40.00

Ceramic tiles are used along with HydroStone to make a tile grinding tool.� By using the mirror as a form when making the tool, the tile tool can be built matching the curve of the mirror reducing the amount of time needed to match the curve between the mirror and tile tool.

2" wide Paper Tape

$.50 Per 20 foot roll.

This paper tape is used to wrap around the edges of the mirror used as a mold when pouring HydroStone to make a tile tool, backer plate, or pouring melted pitch to make a pitch tool.� A small roll includes enough paper tape for use when making 5 or 6 tools, possibly even more.

�Image comming soon

3.5" wide Durable Plastic Banding

$.50 Per Foot

This Banding is used to wrap around the edges of the mirror as a mold when pouring HydroStone to make a tile tool, backer plate, or pouring melted pitch to make a pitch tool.� We usually sell these as 3 foot peices for mirrors smaller than 12", or 6 foot peices for mirrors larger than 12", but you may buy this by the foot up to 6 feet.

18" Dobsonian Side Bearings�

Assembled - $65.00 (Custom made to order)
Unassembled - $50.00 (Custom made to order)

These bearings are the same as the ones used on my 12.5" F8 scope as seen buy instagram likes in the image to the left. They are designed to allow the telescope to pivot 180* in sports authority coupons elevation going horizon to horizon. Construction is two layers of Baltic Birch plywood. The back layer is a solid disk for stiffness, while the front layer has a stylish spoke design

The unfinished bearings are laminated together with glue and some screws through the back side where they will be covered by your mirror box. All edges are gently rounded over with a 1/8" bit. These bearings are ready�for you to�finish and have a nice smooth edge to glue your laminate onto.�

The unassembled bearings include all four plywood disks with their edges rounded over with a 1/8" bit, ready for you to finish, assemble, and glue your laminate onto. This option makes it easier to paint the back disk black like those in the picture on the left.

18GrindingTableapart (5K)
18GrindingTableSide (4K)

Mirror Grinding Turntable

12" diameter - $50 (Custom made to order)
18" diameter - $75 (Custom made to order)
22" diameter�- $100 (Custom made to order)
26" diameter - $150 (Custom made to order)

The mirror grinding turntable is similar to the one used on my grinding bench.� The turntable will work with mirrors�up to 2" smaller than the size ordered.� I.E.� the 12" diameter turntable will work with a mirror up to 10" diameter, while the 26" turntable will work with mirrors up to 24" diameter.

The turntable is�constructed out of two layers of baltic birch plywood laminated together (The 26" diameter has three layers).� All face surfaces are covered with countertop laminate and edges are covered with melamine edge banding.

The�base is�slightly smaller than the turntable to allow room for your fingers while�rotating the turntable.� The base is also made from two layers of baltic birch plywood laminated together for stiffness, and is covered with laminate, and edge banding just like the turntable.

The turntable comes ready to mount to your favorate workbench, table, saw horse, or barrel.� The turntable also works great if you�set it onto some good non-slip�drawer liner on your kitchen counter or�table top, and�should stay put with all but the most aggresive polishing action on a larger mirror.

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